Oh the Places we've been....

St Lucia
My husband and I visited St. Lucia for our Honeymoon and it was truly one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to.  We took a helicopter ride from the St. Lucian airport to a landing pad about 10 minutes from the hotel which gave some of the most incredible views.  We opted to do the all-inclusive adult resort (Sandals, Regency de La Toc) which did not disappoint.  Our room even came with a butler which added such a nice touch to our vacation.  They reserved a spot for us at the pool (with ocean view) every morning, helped with reservations and any type of transport when needed.  

While we relaxed and played on the resort, we were both anxious to get out and truly see St. Lucia.  We took a boat tour to Martinique, took a sunset tour (the most incredible sunset that truly looked like an artist was painting it) and took a jungle tour on the back of an open top jeep.  Outside of the crazy St. Lucian drivers passing us, the jeep tour was by far our favorite!  We got to stop and see some local towns, a banana plantation, snorkel, go inside a volcano and take a mud bath...which we were told was supposed to help our skin.  (Ironically I've been told i look super young lately...so maybe it worked!!!)  Then they took us down the road to wash it off under a natural waterfall....probably one of the coolest experiences ever!  

The Caribbean cuisine was exquisite and the local Piton beer (named after the Piton landmark) and champagne were delish!   It was super easy to get around the La Toc property.  Some of the reviews I had read stated it would take forever to walk.  I'd say by the second day we had a pretty good idea of where we were going and didn't feel like anything was too far away.  

I also didn't feel like we spent a ton of money while we were there. Most of the tours ran at least 6 hours and were all inclusive, outside of buying mementos and gifts.  We didn't tip while we were on the resort but did tip the tour guides and then left our butlers something extra when we checked out.  They do have an option to have a photographer come and take your picture either on the beach or at higher points on the resort. While the photographer was complementary, the photography packages definitely added up!  We ordered a few of our favorites but left it at that.  

It was a dream to spend time in St. Lucia and if you don't put this on your bucket list you are truly missing out on one magnificent place!

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  1. The Pitons
  2. Descending to St. Lucia.
  3. The beautiful St. Lucia
  4. We're the King and Queen of the World....
  5. On our way to Martinique...not a care in the world.
  6. The gang on our Jeep Tour
  7. A little market shopping in Martinique.
  8. Oh what was I thinking?
  9. Watch out...we're headed through the rainforest!
  10. Our backdrop on the last night.
  11. A rock on the way out to Martinique.
  12. Just off the boat and ready to explore Martinique.
  13. The man made waterfall!
  14. Martinique explorations!
  15. The sky must have known it was our last night!  It was truly perfection.
  16. Just after our hibachi dinner!
  17. Second night of Sushi.....
  18. Caribbean dining with a night ocean view.
Costa Rica
  1. Checking out the beach.
  2. Deep sea fishing and we got lucky.
  3. Our running took us to explore some more of the beach.
  4. The drink of choice in Costa Rica
  5. About to land in Costa Rica
  6. Reflect on this!
  7. At the Resort Pool
  8. Sushi date
  9. Sunsets and beachy nights
  10. Hand in hand we can handle it all!
  11. Captain for the day!
  12. I think we've got a fish coming.
  13. Our house with our very own swim up bar.
  14. Our wing of the house had a private patio entrance to the pool.
We had such a terrific time when we visited Costa Rica.  We rented a house within a resort community that allowed us full access to the hotel restaurants and pool.   From private chef's, horseback riding up a mountain, deep sea fishing, zip lining, and forest adventures, I promise, we did leave time for relaxation.