"I don't think i will ever stop growing up....learning from experiences and continuing to spread my wings!" 
Lynnsey was born born in Co. Cork Ireland and moved to States right before she hit those dreaded teenage years....lucky her!  

She definitely took a little longer to find her voice but she always knew she loved communicating and telling people's stories.  She studied communications and Psychology at Southern Methodist University where she received the highest journalism award.  She worked in the Psychology industry for a while before packing her bags and moving to one of her favorite cities in the whole world...Boston...attending Graduate School at Boston University.  

After Graduation, Lynnsey worked as a reporter and editor in both community television and online programming.  She's covered everything from politics and education, to health and wellness, abuse and addiction to animals, concerts and live events.  In the midst of her reporting career, Lynnsey eventually moved back to Dallas where she continued to work in online content.  After a few years, she began working for a highly publicized media company where she eventually received promotion into their Corporate Communications Department.  

Lynnsey has always loved the opportunity to meet new people.  She truly feels so thankful to be surrounded by an incredible group of friends that bring such joy to her life.  She's spent a great deal of time traveling with them celebrating life, birthday's and impending marriages.   It was actually through friends that Lynnsey met her now husband, Bill.  The two share a love of travel and going to concerts.  So not surprising that Bill proposed to Lynnsey on the road at a Keith Urban concert.  

Lynnsey thoroughly enjoys running and working out!  It gives her a sense of relief and accomplishment especially when she's on the road traveling for work.  It's not always easy to keep up with it but with the encouragement of friends and her husband, Lynnsey tries to get in at least 4-5 strong workouts a week.

She loves animals and probably the only reason she didn't become a vet was not ever wanting to put an animal to sleep.  She grew up riding horses and desperately wants to get back into it...but for now her life revolves around a furry pomeranian, Lyla, who also acts as CEO of TTC.  

Lynnsey is always up for new adventures and created TTC to showcase her journey and experiences through life sharing the pieces most interesting and of course, not so.  For her, life is a bit of this and that and as long as she can remember she's associated champagne with celebration.  Over the last few years it's become her drink of choice and with the bubbliness that comes in getting to know her, it seemed very fitting that her blog would be filled with a little this, a little that and champagne.  

Please feel free to contact Lynnsey if you have a question or comment.  She ALWAYS loves hearing from her readers!!